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Dynamic QR Codes vs. Static QR Codes: What is the Difference?

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Anyone of us will have happened, one or more times, to see and frame, by means of a smartphone, one or more dynamic QR Codes: probably in the act of consulting a menu in digital format, in order to visit a website or to register for an event. Although their functionality is now well known, especially among younger users, few still recognize the differences between static QR Codes and dynamic QRCodes. In truth, this difference cannot be perceived at first glance, but only by analyzing their functionality.

Static QR Codes vs. Dynamic QR Codes.

Static QR Codes

As their name implies, such codes cannot be modified once they are created. These also do not allow any collection of scan data.

Dynamic QR Codes

In addition to offering tracking and data collection features, they allow the possibility of always keeping the same QR code even when the target web pages are changed - in this case you will not be forced to regenerate the code and reprint all the copies on the paper media. As already anticipated, a peculiar feature of dynamic QR codes is the possibility of obtaining very important statistics. Especially when collected for the purpose of analyzing the results of your own marketing campaigns.

For example, the number of scans with the corresponding day and time, geolocation data and the operating system used by the scanning user may be collected. Such dynamic QRCodes will make it possible to obtain statistics for the purpose of being able to check whether an advertising campaign has been successful or not. Having the data from the scans of the QR Codes dynamic will allow you to know, once you have invested a given budget in an advertising campaign, which strategy will have been effective and which strategy has not been as successful.

You will be able to check, for example, whether the marketing campaign carried out on flyers has been scanned more times than that carried out on billboards. You will, therefore, be able to compare the number of scans obtained wherever your dynamic QRCodes are present.

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