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Creating QR Codes in Digital Marketing: Why is it Important?

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As a result of the most recent and progressive improvements in the functionality of smartphones, we are witnessing a gradual shift in the behavior of all categories of consumers, from the youngest to the oldest. For this reason, more and more marketers are being forced to adapt their promotional strategies in order to successfully disseminate content of interest to their audiences. When it comes to one of the trendiest channels in the digital marketing industry, there is nothing better than to dedicate a short article to illustrate the many interesting features of QR Codes. Choosing to create or generate a QR code (QR Code), in fact, not only allows you to provide the required information by means of a single scan, but also allows you to greatly enhance the customer experience and engagement itself.

Creating A QR Code: What Does It Mean?

QR codes stand for "quick response codes". These are simple barcodes that can be scanned by means of a simple smartphone and are capable of storing a given amount of information. They are commonly used to redirect users to social media accounts, store coupons, and more. For example, they can be used on the back of a business card to direct the customer to a social page to a website or to provide various contact details. Create or generate QR codes and make them available in a public venue would allow the user to connect to a web page where feedback can be shared, allow a menu to be viewed, or present an event.

These codes, although seemingly similar to each other, vary in design, color, and functionality and can be classified into Dynamic QR Codes or Static QR Codes.

Static QR Codes

These are ideal for storing 'fixed' information. Think passwords, access codes or other numbers for identification purposes. In that case, if there is a need to change the content of the message disseminated through the QR code, it is necessary, again, to generate a QR code. Otherwise, if these values remain constant over time, these tools are sufficient to adequately perform their function.

Dynamic QR Codes

Unlike the former, in this case, the content associated with the code can be changed at will. In this case, there is no need to have to create a new QR code. Of course, their use does not end there since these tools enable the collection of important data and statistics related to scans. In the face of this recent development, how can one take advantage during everyday life? The options for use in creating dynamic QR Codes are almost endless, for example:

  1. Use for sending an email, use in a business card, postcard or discount code
  2. Sharing a digital menu in the restaurant
  3. Inviting other users to join an event or webinar
  4. Sharing of special content such as a course or YouTube video
  5. Displaying information about a given company or person
  6. Possibility of providing instructions on product or service data
  7. Having detailed statistics on scans
  8. Ability to direct customers to social profiles, websites or apps

Please note: 'QR Code' is a trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

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