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Digital Marketing in Canton Ticino

Search Engine Advertising

Our digital marketing company based in Lugano, Ticino, plans, implements and manages effective PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns in order to effectively promote your business on the web. We will be able to maximize the visibility of your website by serving targeted and customized advertisements on the most widely used search engines such as Google or Microsoft Bing.

Social Media Advertising

Our digital marketing company plans, implements and manages effective PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns in order to effectively promote your business online. We can maximize the visibility of your products or services by creating high-quality personalized content and serving targeted ads on the most widely used social media such as Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn.

Social Media Management

We offer different packages, tailored to your business needs, aimed at creating, periodically publishing and optimizing content on the most popular social platforms. This service aims to define and develop a content calendar aimed at achieving the goals set by your digital marketing strategies.

QR Code Management

Our company, a digital marketing agency based in Ticino, deals with the creation and management of dynamic QR Codes: we create customized QR Codes and prepare periodic reports for the purpose of analyzing their scans. In addition, we provide advice and assistance in order to facilitate data analysis, improve the results, as well as prepare customized digital marketing strategies.


Our consulting is a service aimed at developing, implementing and monitoring digital marketing strategies for business purposes. This service may be particularly useful for you to know and better understand the fundamentals and tools of digital marketing in order to effectively enhance your business.

Video Training Courses

Do you want to improve your digital advertising skills to help your business grow? If you do not have the appropriate experience or knowledge of that field and its tools, we recommend exploring our Academy. Here you will find interesting training courses, available in both Italian and English.

Project Management

Contact us to submit a work project or to assign us a problem to solve (e.g. SEO audit of a website, keyword study for advertising campaigns, web traffic analysis etc.).

On Request

Our company is available to listen to your requests in order to develop a customized work plan in line with your spending budget and your defined time horizon.

Innovative Tools

Digital Marketing Strategies in Ticino

In today's society, web presence is a fundamental requirement in order to be able to effectively reach one's customers. With the recent increase of companies operating in the e-commerce sector or active only online, a digital marketing consultancy is, a fortiori, a starting tool capable of helping entrepreneurs assimilate valuable digital marketing concepts.

Having said that, it is good to point out that online competition is very high; therefore, it is necessary to know the tools and prepare appropriate digital marketing strategies in order to establish yourself. If you are a startup you are in the situation where no one knows you yet.

Our company is at your disposal...turn to us to find out how to impose your 'digital presence' in the shortest possible time using the best digital marketing tools and optimizing the budget available to you for your digital advertising.

Social Media