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To begin with, our company, which operates in the field of digital marketing services in Ticino, Lugano, is known and appreciated for being able to offer, both Switzerland and abroad, innovative services capable of fully exploiting the full potential of currently available digital channels.

Our team, in this regard, knows how to achieve concrete and long-lasting results. Our ambition requires us to pay constant attention to our clients' needs and motivates us to meet their demands with professionalism and punctuality. Only in this way, in fact, has it been possible for us to establish a lasting relationship of trust and cooperation with them. Indeed, our ultimate goal is to accompany our customers, step by step, to success.

In summary, what unites us within our team is a great passion for the web and the world of digital marketing. Our willingness to learn from small daily challenges has gradually led us to improve our approach toward problems and always find innovative and original solutions.

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Our company is currently looking for talent with skills and proven experience in digital marketing. In addition, proficiency in foreign languages and IT tools is likewise required. Here are the professional profiles we are currently looking for: SEO Specialist, Web Analytics specialist, PPC Specialist, Social Media Manager, Data Analyst, Account Manager, Web Developer.

Would you like to offer digital marketing services in Lugano, Canton Ticino, Switzerland? If you think you have a profile that matches our preferences, apply now to join our team and help offer digital marketing services on a global scale. Fill out the form below or email us at 

Please remember to include, within your application, your updated resume and in PDF format. We thank you for your interest and cooperation.

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