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SEO Course: Learn SEO with our Webinar

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As the years have gone by, it has become increasingly apparent that search engines have progressively assumed great importance within our everyday lives. Just think of all the times we visit Google or other similar portals to ask questions, seek information, or even advice on all kinds of topics. Before introducing our SEO course, we want to devote a brief introduction regarding search engine optimization.

Search engines are reliable resources that can offer us invaluable information: from market trends, to consumer preferences by geography as well as statistical data on search terms on a monthly or annual basis. Search engines, therefore, can also be seen as invaluable databases that collect data capable of offering entrepreneurs or marketers a competitive advantage. Search information can, in fact, show search trends for goods or services, consumer preferences, and much more. SEO, then, simply leverages such search information in order to optimize rankings for the most relevant keywords. The ultimate goal is to obtain, if possible, the first position in order to maximize the number of clicks received.

The SEO course we have created will be able to assist you in order to obtain the basic skills. You will, therefore, be able to properly implement search engine optimization on your website.

Why is SEO Important?

As we anticipated, the importance of SEO lies in the ability to leverage positioning within search engines in order to maximize the number of clicks received for each search performed on the web for a given keyword.

Data, in fact, show that about 70% of clicks made, as a result of a web search, involve the first three results. The importance of SEO lies in the fact that it is the main source of visibility on the web that does not require a periodic investment in terms of money. Unlike traditional online advertising methods such as Google Ads or others, where it is necessary to pay for each click received, optimal search engine placement will allow you to receive clicks "for free."

SEO Course: our SEO Webinar

Our webinar (SEO course) is designed as a training tool for those who are beginners in the subject and want to improve their SEO skills. This is a very current and important subject as it is applied virtually every time the web is used as a medium.

Just think of blogs, corporate websites, e-commerce portals etc. This webinar is therefore particularly useful for entrepreneurs, freelancers, freelancers, students, web and digital marketing enthusiasts, people in the industry or anyone who wants to promote a business by means of the Internet.

Our SEO course is organized in two parts:

SEO Course: General Part

This part of the SEO course is introductory to the subject and is free of charge. It lasts one hour and aims to expose the fundamentals of SEO on a theoretical level. Starting with brief hints at the historical origin of SEO, space will then be given to a framework of the discipline at a general level. Next, the main phases of an SEO campaign will be explained, listing, in more detail, the different strategies used today to improve the ranking of websites on search engines

Part Two

The second part of the SEO course is more specific and technical. That section lasts two hours. The points anticipated during the introduction will be taken up and explored in more detail. Topics such as theOn-Page optimization, Off-Page and penalties in SEO. Finally, there will be no shortage of interesting practical applications. Participation in this second part of the webinar will be able to provide a comprehensive and global view of the discipline. You will, in addition, be able to receive all the training materials used during the presentation.

SEO Course: Why Choose Our Webinar

If you are interested in improving your SEO skills, this SEO course may be the answer to what you are looking for. Unlike a simple online course, our SEO webinar will allow you to actively interact with someone who has experience in the field. You will also be able to ask questions, request explanations and obtain the training material used during the presentation. This webinar, offered in both Italian and English, will be broadcast periodically and will be accessible only to those who register using the link below.


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