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SEO Consultant: What It's for and Why It's Important

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To begin with, SEO (i.e., Search Engine Optimization) should be the starting point of any digital marketing strategy for those companies that want to maximize their visibility within search engines. However, even today, for many users, this practice is still ignored or little known. At this point, one has to wonder if there is really any technique capable of improving one's company's presence in search engines. Many will even be wondering whether it is really possible to achieve the first position on Google or whether it is realistic to achieve appreciable results in a short time. Actually, SEO has just that goal; of course, it will be necessary to consult a freelance SEO consultant or agency and diligently, precisely and carefully apply all the appropriate practices for this purpose. 

This article will explain exactly what an SEO consultant is for and why an SEO consultancy is very valuable for those who are intent on establishing their online presence.

SEO consultant: Who he is and what he is for

An SEO consultant is able to provide valuable support to businesses, advising them on how to plan and implement search engine optimization strategies that will make them more visible online. An SEO consultancy is suitable to illustrate a number of techniques that will help make the website more "attractive" to search engines. This will give web pages a chance to rank higher in search results. Ultimately, the goal of SEO is to improve ranking to increase the number of clicks received and thus, consequently, the number of online inquiries aimed at purchasing your goods or services. A freelance SEO consultant primarily focuses his or her consulting on two main areas: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

SEO Consultant: On-Page SEO

First, On-Page SEO refers to practices performed not only on the content of web pages such as text or images, but directly involve and impact the HTML code of the web page. A freelance SEO consultant or agency will be able to explain and advise you, using simple and understandable language, on the main actions or changes to be made regarding the following areas of activities:

Content and SEO Writing

Content is critical in SEO. You cannot think that it is possible to define an SEO strategy without valuable content that can provide value to your audience. In this regard, an SEO consultant will be able to evaluate important aspects. These are the adequacy of content, the readability of your articles, sentence and paragraph structure, titles and subtitles, etc.


Pages with properly chosen keywords are more likely to be relevant and "rewarded" by the search engine algorithm. An SEO consultant (SEO Agency) will therefore be able to advise you regarding the most suitable keywords, both in view of the services offered and the target audience. In addition, it will be necessary to analyze those keywords that have high search volumes and growth trend over time.

Image and Video Optimization

The use of images and videos is able to make your page visually interesting to visitors. This is also capable of positively impacting SEO. An SEO consultant can advise you on how to allow such content to load quickly and how to perform proper optimization.


Links are equally important as they have a major influence on search engine rankings. An SEO consultant can identify the different types of links and illustrate the strategy needed to ensure the best result.

Loading Speed

A website that is slow in the loading process is likely to bore and drive away web page visitors. In addition, this significantly affects the ranking within search engines. Therefore, an SEO consultant will be able to show you how to solve such problems.

Website Design and Adaptability

Nowadays, mobile users account for more than 55% of the total Internet users. Since mobile devices are currently the most used devices, Google has decided to start rewarding (in terms of ranking) those websites with designs adapted to these devices. An SEO consultant, in this regard, will be able to advise you on the techniques you need to implement in order to achieve proper positioning on mobile devices as well.

SEO Consultant: Off-Page SEO

Second, Off-Page SEO mainly concerns those long-term SEO strategies such as building inbound links (backlinks) and content creations on social media to then drive traffic to one's website. Simply put, these activities involve the processes of creating and sharing articles, images, and videos on social platforms to stimulate interest in products or services and direct highly motivated traffic to the website.

Therefore, we can say that, Off-Page SEO concerns all processes aimed at strengthening the dissemination and knowability of our website using, however, other digital communication channels. Promotional activity is not capable, in the short term, of directly influencing traffic from search engines. In the long term, however, it could possibly positively, albeit indirectly, influence SEO. A consultant or SEO expert will be able to guide you through this process in such a way as to optimize your Off-Page SEO.

SEO Consultant: Conclusion

In conclusion, nowadays, the need to rank high on search engines is the starting point for a successful digital marketing strategy. Getting, ideally, the first position on Google, for example, would mean maximizing the number of visits for that given keyword. This would cause a consistent increase in contact requests and thus sales. Are you intent on seeking assistance from an SEO consultant? You can request a personalized SEO consultation, either online or in-person.

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