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Social Media Campaigns & Search Engines: Here Are the Costs

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To begin with, nowadays, it is undeniable that all companies should aspire to strengthen and improve their online presence. This can be done, for example, through the implementation of highly professional and customized social or search engine campaigns. In order to best pursue this goal, first and foremost, it is essential to know how to pay due attention to how so-called "pay-per-click". Not only that, but also to all the variables that directly or indirectly influence their overall cost. In the following paragraphs, in this regard, we will better explore the issue of PPC advertising campaigns (social media and search engine campaigns). In addition, we will illustrate the main variables determining their cost.

What Affects the Costs of Search Engine Campaigns?

First of all, it should be remembered that PPC campaigns (in the specific case regarding search engines - such as Google or Bing) are governed by a multitude of interdependent variables. Each of these plays a key role in influencing the total cost of the digital advertising campaign. In this regard, let us now see what the 3 main aspects are:

  • Quality: first, the quality and degree of relevance of the advertisements and target web pages (user experience in terms of web browsing) are able to decisively affect the cost per click of the campaign.
  • Competition: secondly, another equally important factor concerns the choice of keywords used for one's campaign. Those that are more relevant and characterized by higher demand have a higher average price due to increased competition. This mechanism is governed by a real auction per single keyword.
  • Position: higher visibility, just think of the first position within the web pages of search results, corresponds to a higher cost than the second, third position and so on.

Social Media and Search Engine Campaigns: What is the Ideal Budget?

In relation to the cost of social or search engine campaigns, companies that intend to promote themselves effectively need to know what is the ideal budget to allocate in that direction. In fact, the amount that will be invested for this purpose is a variable that will directly influence the performance of the campaign itself. On average, the majority of Swiss companies invest approximately between 500.- and 10,000.- francs per month in online advertising. However, it is important to note that the ideal budget varies greatly depending on the target sector, business goals, the competitiveness of the target sector, and spending possibilities. Small companies, on the other hand, generally prefer to devote a monthly budget that averages between 500.- to 2,500.- francs. In contrast, larger companies, might allocate up to 100,000 francs or even more each month.

Social Media Campaigns and Search Engines: What are the Costs?

When it comes to the implementation of 'pay-per-click' campaigns-both search engine and social media-costs per click vary quite significantly. The most widely used social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, for example, allow companies to implement campaigns in line with their budgets, even quite low ones. The great flexibility of these platforms makes it possible to achieve satisfactory results even with limited budgets.

LinkedIn ads, on the other hand, being targeted on a professional audience, and being a primarily B2B tool, have higher costs per click on average. Especially when compared to the previously mentioned social media. Truth be told, each platform has its own strengths. For this reason, it is crucial to know how to allocate the appropriate budget to the most appropriate advertising channel. Let us now see what is, indicatively, the average cost per click, depending on the platform used.

Search Engine Campaigns: Google

First of all, if we consider 'pay-per-click' campaigns on search engines, Google Ads, on average, charges Swiss companies between 0.50 and 20.- francs or more per click. This reference is only for indicative purposes as The values shown can also vary substantially depending on the level of competition of the keywords and the other elements set out earlier in the first paragraph.

Social Media Campaigns: LinkedIn

Secondly, such social media, targeting primarily professional and corporate audiences, has on average higher costs than other social media, with values starting from 3.- francs to over 6. As exposed above, these values are only indicative as many other variables are able to strongly influence Prices. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the fact that, for a higher per-click expenditure, this channel allows reaching reliable and high-quality leads.

Social Media Campaigns: Meta (Facebook/Instagram)

Finally, among social media, we cannot fail to mention Facebook/Instagram or Meta. Both channels offer the possibility to set up a highly personalized campaign and adjust the budget. These tools offer good convenience, with the average cost of clicks ranging between 1.- and 3.- francs. Again, as discussed above, multiple factors strongly influence prices per click. For example, audience targeting, ad relevance, and engagement metrics.

A Conclusion

In conclusion, within the diverse landscape of social and search engine campaigns, there are many aspects to consider carefully when it comes to allocating a budget to promote one's business. To this end, planning a social strategy professional by means of a 'pay-per-click' campaign can optimize the budget at your disposal. Not only that, you will also be able to choose the appropriate digital channel for your business goals. Remember, a key element to your success in social and search engine campaigns is the ability to strike a balance between your budget and the expected return on investment. Entrusting your online campaigns to a specialized agency like ours can help you in achieving your professional goals. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to request specialized advice on this matter.

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